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Target Industries

Target industries for the Bartlesville area were identified from a study by Garner Economics, completed for the BDA in July 2010. Garner selected five industry targets that best match the unique competitive advantages in Bartlesville to the needs of particular industry sectors. Each sector has a record of above-average wages and participation in commercial activities that are expected to create wealth in Bartlesville. These five targets offer opportunities across several non-competing sectors, affording a means to diversify economic development strategies and avoid risky overconcentration.

Bartlesville Optimal Targets
Technical Environmental Services Distribution & Logistics Shared Back-Office Services Instrumentation Control Systems Tourism Development
Subsector Targets
Environmental Consulting Services Freight Packing & Logistics Services Office administrative services Electronic instrument manufacturing Cultural Tourism
Scientific research and development services General warehousing and storage Payroll & Bookkeeping Services Industrial valve manufacturing Destination Tourism
Geophysical surveying and mapping services Refrigerated warehousing and storage Computer systes design and related services Electrical equipment manufacturing  
Laboratory Testing Services General wholesaling   Engineering services  
Self-employed Entrepreneurs        

Technical/Environmental Services

Bartlesville is well positioned to leverage its local expertise in specialized energy-related research & development with the growing demand by government and private industry for technical/environmental consultation, interpretation and analysis. This industry lends itself well to self-employed entrepreneurs who can capitalize on skills developed within previous corporate employment.

Major Activities and Services

Provide advice to businesses and governments on environmental issues, such as the control of environmental contamination from pollutants, toxic substances and hazardous materials. Identify problems, measure and evaluate risks and recommend solutions. Provide advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on scientific and technical issues. Gather, interpret, and map geophysical data. Locate and measure the extent of subsurface resources, such as oil, gas, and minerals. Perform physical, chemical and other analytical testing services for commercial purposes. Much of the testing in this sector involves the maintenance of environmental, industrial and product standards and government regulations.


  • High local industry and occupational specialization
  • Unique energy industry network/cluster
  • Presence of ConocoPhillips research & development operations.
  • Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Programs at University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus, and Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
  • Applied Technology program at Rogers State University
  • Business incubator at Tri-County Technology Center for entrepreneurial development
Technical/Environmental Services - U.S. Overview
Industry NAICS Code 2010 National Employment 5-Year Projected Change National Earnings per Worker
Environmental consulting services 54162 164,944 21% $55,511
Scientific reasearch & development services 5417 694,456 13% $106,884
Geophysical surveying & mapping services 54136 23,498 21% $68,264
Laboratory testing services 54138 152,641 7% $73,457
Source: Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.

Shared/Back-Office Services

Bartlesville has a competitive advantage in performing various high-end Shared/Back-Office Services activities that are typically outsourced by firms seeking particular cost-savings or local expertise. Currently many industries are in a period of significant economic transformation; seeking fresh strategies and new efficiencies. The presence of ConocoPhillips IT services, high occupational specialization, and Bartlesville’s unique geographic location all support Bartlesville as an attractive location for this industry.

Major Activities and Services

Provide a range of day-to-day office administrative services to clients such as assistance with financial planning, billing and record keeping, personnel, and in physical distribution and logistics. Provide expert advice and assistance in the fields of writing, modifying, testing and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer. Provide outsourced payroll services for clients' employees, as well as basic bookkeeping services.


  • Existing local industry and occupational specialization
  • Relatively low labor and land costs
  • Nonurban location, reduced exposure to interruption
  • Computer Science, Business Administration and Business/Commerce programs at Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  • Business Information Technology programs at Rogers State University
Shared/Back Office Services - U.S. Overview
Industry NAICS Code 2010 National Employment 5-Year Projected Change National Earnings per Worker
Computer systems design & related services 5415 2,386,109 19% $88,955
Office administrative services 56111 747,413 15% $54,055
Payroll & bookkeeping services 54121 1,465,608 9% $50,214
Source: Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.

Distribution & Logistics

Bartlesville’s accessible and central location, growing workforce, along with the presence of a nearby Wal-Mart distribution center suggest that industries involved in Distribution & Logistics would find the area particularly attractive.

Major Activites and Services

Distribution of durable & non-durable products. Operate merchandise warehousing and storage facilities. Provide consolidation of freight consignments, trade document preparation, packing, crating and otherwise preparing goods for transportation, and logistics consulting services. Operate refrigerated warehousing and storage facilities.


  • Access to US Highway 75
  • Location near Tulsa and Tulsa Airport
  • Successful existing Wal-Mart Distribution Center
  • Growing retail workforce, likely attracted to higher-paying and more stable positions
Distribution & Logistics - U.S. Overview
Industry NAICS Code 2010 National Employment 5-Year Projected Change National Earnings per Worker
Freight packing & logistics services 48899 29,932 2% $41,724
General warehousing & storage 49311 612,628 9% $42,787
Refrigerated warehousing & storage 49312 55,201 4% $46,609
General wholesaling 42 6,329,368 3% $73,158
Source: Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.

Instrumentation/Control Systems

Instrumentation/Control Systems are developing into a manufacturing sector requiring both production and technical expertise. Private industry and government are demanding more accurate electrical/mechanical means for measuring, monitoring and controlling systems and products. Bartlesville’s existing energy expertise, industrial sites, and growing workforce are well-suited to meet this industry’s demands.

Major Activities and Services

Manufacturer of measuring, and control instruments. Manufacturer of a variety of industrial and fluid power valves. Manufacturer power, distribution, and specialty transformers; switchgear and switchboard apparatus; relays; and industrial controls. Specialized development, design and utilization of instrumentation and control processes.


  • Existing local industry and occupational specialization
  • Unique energy industry network/cluster
  • Machine Tool/Machinist Program at Tri-County Technology Center
  • Applied Technology program at Rogers State University
  • Existing industrial sites
  • Growing retail workforce, likely attracted to higher-paying and more stable positions
Instrumentation/Control Systems - U.S. Overview
Industry NAICS Code 2010 National Employment 5-Year Projected Change National Earnings per Worker
Electronic instrument manufacturing 3345 422,708 -1% $99,430
Industrial valve manufacturing 332911 24,668 2% $68,892
Electrical equipment manufacturing 33531 143,786 -10% $74,607
Engineering services 54133 1,048,598 13% $87,548
Source: Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.

Tourism Development

Bartlesville has a unique set of historic/cultural assets which can be developed into a significant economic contributor. Tourism also has the ability to offer balance to the local energy-dominated economy.

Tourism Market Trends

  • Aging baby boomers seeking new domestic venues
  • Increase in demand for historic/cultural venues
  • Interest in authentic experiences
  • Fatigue with packaged theme park experiences
  • Demand for safe nonurban drive venues
  • Increase in international visitors seeking unique American experiences
  • Post-recession repositioning to capture new consumers as incomes return

Bartlesville's Unique Position

  • Truly unique “one-in-the world” attractions, such as:
  • Woolaroc Ranch, Museum, Native American Heritage Center and Wildlife Preserve
  • Phillips Petroleum Company Museum
  • Price Tower
  • Access to a growing flexible workforce
  • Central location, interstate and airport access
  • Community leadership and support