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The professional staff of the Bartlesville Development Authority serves as a single point of contact for prospective companies, insuring our clients receive the maximum benefit from Oklahoma and federal incentive programs.

Additionally, the citizens of Bartlesville overwhelmingly support the BDA’s pursuit of new jobs and investment in the community. Bartlesville has over $1.5 million in its Economic Development Fund dedicated to assisting new industry relocations or existing industry expansions.

Scroll down for an overview of the incentive programs most utilized by Bartlesville area industries. Full program details are available by clicking the links to the appropriate pages of the ODOC website.


The state of Oklahoma is nationally recognized for its aggressive business incentives available through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The agency’s professional staff works hand-in-hand with the BDA to deliver quick, accurate information with a minimum of paperwork and bureaucratic hassles. Major programs include:

Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program

Large Employer

The state’s flagship program, QJ provides qualifying basic industries with a cash rebate of up to 5% of taxable payroll for 10 years.

Available to manufacturers, R&D centers, corporate headquarters and support functions, warehousing and distribution centers, among others. Basic requirements for the Bartlesville area include:

  • New payroll of $2.5 million in taxable Oklahoma income
  • Employer-paid basic health insurance of 50% of premium
  • Average minimum wage of $32,103

Small Employer

The small employer QJ program carries the same basic industry requirements as the large employer program and offer a rebate up to 5% of new taxable for seven years. Basic requirements for the Bartlesville area include:

  • New employee threshold of 15 jobs (5 jobs within the City of Dewey)
  • Employer-paid basic health insurance of 50% of premium
  • Average minimum wage of $34,645 - $39,369 (depending on location)

Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit

For manufacturers, Oklahoma offers a 5% tax credit (1% per year) on qualified depreciable property or $2,500 per new job created ($500 per year). The job creation tax credit may be doubled for locations within a Bartlesville area Enterprise Zone. Other incentives under this option include:

  • State sales tax refunds on construction materials
  • Income Tax Exemptions/Credits for hazardous waste recycling, reuse or source reduction; for CNG conversion; and for insurance premiums.

In certain cases this program may be combined with Quality Jobs for projects with investment greater than $40 million and average wages exceeding the statewide average (currently $37,836 annually).

Property Tax Exemption

Oklahoma manufacturers are eligible for property tax abatement for up to five years for new investment in facilities, machinery and equipment. Qualifying thresholds include:

  • Minimum of $250,000 in new capital investment
  • Minimum of $250,000 in new taxable payroll.

Training For Industry Program

Consistently ranked as one of the nation's leading workforce training efforts, Oklahoma's Training for Industry Program (TIP), a CareerTech initiative, is a no-cost/low-cost way for new or growing companies that create jobs to get a skilled, focused, and motivated workforce.

Highly trained professionals deliver customized technical, managerial, and general workplace skills through Bartlesville-based Tri County Technical College.

Local Incentives

Free Land

The Bartlesville Development Authority owns property in two fully-served industrial parks with tracts ranging from three acres to 200+ acres. Generally, this land is available free of charge for qualifying projects.

Cash Incentive

The City of Bartlesville has an Economic Development Fund (EDF) in excess of $1.5 million. This fund allows the BDA to structure a flexible, attractive incentive package for new or expanding industry commensurate with the project’s benefits to the community.

Awarded by the Bartlesville City Council based on BDA recommendations, the EDF may be utilized for loans, grants, infrastructure improvements, site preparation, fee waivers, or any combination thereof. Please contact David Wood for a custom proposal.